About Me

Hi I'm Tom a web developer from sunny Norfolk with a passion for all things JavaScript related.

I have a fair bit of experience with the usual front-end tools like React and I'm constantly looking to improve on that knowledge base. For example, I learnt Gatsby to build this portfolio and set it up to consume a Contentful back-end using GraphQL.

Throughout my journey as a web developer I've been constantly impressed by how much you can achieve with just a little extra technical knowledge. For example, for my job scraping app I learnt puppeteer as well as little bit about Heroku. Afterwards, I was able to host a front-end that makes a request for my server in the states to fire up chromium, navigate to google jobs and send me back the relevant listings. This probably seems really simple and everyday for experienced developers but for me it was mind blowing. I love solving real world problems with code and the range of tools at my disposal even with my current level of knowledge is really inspiring.

I'm also constantly trying to improve those technical skills not just by creating side projects but taking a serious academic approach to learning fundamental concepts like data structures and algorithms.

I spend a fair amount of my free time working on side projects but my other interests include pizza beer and trying to perfect my rendition of Sultans of Swing.


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